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Our Vision


For over 20 years, our mission at Dedrick Construction, Inc. has been to provide a continually improving level of excellence in everything we do. Our clients expect insight, ingenuity and innovation skillfully applied to every project we’re entrusted with. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference. Embracing your vision and accomplishing your goals is our number one assignment.

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Dedrick Construction, Inc. has grown into one of the most respected, trusted and accomplished construction companies in the industry. How did we grow our reputation?  By continually "Building Better"... Better Teams, Better Systems, Better Practices and Better Relationships.

Our Services


Dedrick Construction, Inc.  is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with a variety of tasks from the earliest thoughts of  Commercial TI's, Custom Homes or Renovation Project's to assisting clients with construction management services. Our broad experience base provides us with the ability to service clients’ needs in every phase, at every level of need through any construction project. No matter what your construction project needs are, Dedrick Construction, Inc.  has the experienced staff to provide a successful result.

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Our Vision


Dedrick Construction, Inc. is recognized as a premier construction organization with a commitment towards optimal performance in serving clients within the Greater Sacramento Area. We achieve this by consistently striving for excellence in providing professional building services.


Dedrick Construction, Inc. recognizes that our team is the critical element in achieving our vision. We support a team approach through open communication among all employees. We promote the growth and empowerment of our team and commit to human resource practices based on standards of excellence, safety awareness, fair treatment and equal opportunity.


Dedrick Construction, Inc. continually builds its reputation and commits to exceed the expectations of our clients by maintaining the highest level of skill and responsibility in providing professional services. We deliver a superior price/value relationship by providing quality construction services with a profit objective at a fair level.


 Dedrick Construction, Inc.  is committed to being a leader in the construction industry through innovative construction techniques and product development. We strive to be a caring corporate citizen in enhancing the community and environment in which we do business.


Dedrick Construction, Inc.'s commitment to quality assurance is based on responsible craftsmanship, leadership, innovation, safety awareness and employee satisfaction. Our guarantee to furnish our clients with a total quality product is the heart of our company's existence.


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  • Steven Dedrick                President
  • John Butler                        Project Manager
  • Tina Walker                        Purchasing
  • Nichole Wolfe                   Office Manager
  • Gustavo Villanueva        Carpenter
  • Jaime Perez                        Foreman
  • Luis Gonzales                     Painting



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Home Inspections44

  For most of us, our home is the largest purchase we will ever make and a decision that will affect us for years to come.  It is important to know the condition of a home's major systems before making such a big commitment.  A thorough investigation of the property, by an educated and knowledgeable inspector, is the first step to an informed buying decision.  With more than 5,000 completed homes built in the Greater Sacramento Area, we specialize in residential properties and are committed to assisting home buyers.  After an inspection, I will interpret my findings and deliver the report in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format.  Reports are delivered electronically, as a PDF document, before I leave the property. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.  I am available to answer any questions that may arise after the inspection, whether it is the next day or a year later. To ensure you are as familiar as possible with your future home, I invite you and your agent to be present for the inspection.  I strive to provide the one-on-one attention each client deserves during the entire inspection and encourage you to ask questions throughout the process.  Your completed report will include important information about your pending home purchase, which will ensure confidence in your buying decision.


(916) 853-9986

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  • MCM Remodel

    We recently completed this amazing Mid Century Modern Remodel in Land Park. The outcome speaks for itself.

  • Fox Meadow 

    We are happy to be completed with our latest custom home in Granite Bay. Time to hand over the keys.        

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